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Government Securities
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Government Securities are issued by the Government for raising a Public loan or as notified in the official Gazette. They Consist of Government Promissory Notes, Bearer

Bonds, Stocks or Bond held in Bond Ledeger Account. They may be in the form of Treasury Bills or Dated Government Securities.

Government Securities are mostly interest bearing dated securities issued by RBI on behalf of the Government of India. GOI uses these funds to meet its expenditure commitments. These securities are generally fixed maturity and fixed coupon securities carrying semi-annual coupon. Since the date of maturity is specified in the securities, these are known as dated Government Securities.

Features of Government Securities

Government Securities Issued at face value.
Government Securities No default risk as the securities carry sovereign guarantee.
Government Securities Ample liquidity as the investor can sell the security in the secondary market.
Government Securities Interest payment on a half yearly basis on face value.
Government Securities No tax deducted at source.
Government Securities Can be held in Demat form.
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