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RR Equity Brokers is one of the principal equity players in India, having membership of both the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and Bombay Stock Exchange. It offers quick and efficient equity trading services to all classes of investors. The firm forms a core part of RR group of companies which was founded by Mr. Rajat Prasad in 1986 and has became one of the largest providers of financial services in India. RR Equity Brokers unlike other traditional broking firms not only executes the trades for the clients but also provide them crucial and timely investment advice through its research team. RR Equity Brokers is a truly professional financial service provider manned by a team of highly skilled, motivated and dedicated professionals who have a proven track record in their respective domains. RR has a country wide presence in over 100 locations through its Regional, Zonal and Branch Offices spread across the length & breadth of the country.

Globally the Commodity Future Market volumes is 3 times bigger than the capital market. Indian commodity exchange, NCDEX (National Commodity & Derrivative Exchange)& MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange)also emerging popularity and making presence in the global commodity market. The rise in volume has been led by bullion(Gold & Silver) & agro commodity trading. NCDEX witnessed peak volume of around 8561 Rs Crore & MCX witnessed around 17987 Rs Crore. This has induced investors & real time players to make investment & hedging opportunities in the sphere of commodities. RR Commodity Brokers Pvt Ltd as being TCM (Trading cum Clearing Member) of NCDEX & MCX provides you the facility to trade in commodities through these two major commodity exchanges of the Country.

Equity Discussion Board

"Should dividends be taxed in investors' hands?"

The debate on whether to tax dividends in the hands of the shareholder or the company is an age-old controversy. The classical system taxes dividends in the hands of shareholders. However, administrative convenience made collection of taxes in the hands of the company more elegant.

What you have to say on this ???