Since its inception, RR Financial Consultants is offering customer focused financial services and range of investment solutions to its customers. We closely work with our clients to understand and meet their financial and investment objectives. RR Financial Consultants facilitiates its customers to trade in all the market segments. They can also have the advantage of having Research based information and all Advisory Services for Insurance, Mutual Funds, IPO’s, Online Trading, Portfolio Management and Wealth Managment also.


RR offers full range of quality financial services to Corporates, Institutions & Government Organizations. The relationship management approach, innovative product structuring and strong marketing and distributions capabilities have propelled RR to be a Leading Domestic Investment Bank.

RR has a proactive relationship with major market participants Issuers and Investors: expertise in product design and structuring: strong distribution reach – both Wholesale and Retail: and focused research. RR’s Investment Banking business today serves as an efficient link between a wide spectrum of Issuers and Investors.

Through close interaction, specific client requirements are related to the prevailing market scenario to provide easy and flexible solutions in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment.

Primary Markets :
RR has ranked the top firms in the private placement markets for the last ten years. With a structured and focused sales force, RR’s standing are the result of the focused investor relationship management approach created with long term prospective of offering superior products and services. With an active presence in almost all the major centers, RR offers a variety of products to investors.

Corporate Finance :
RR offers advisory services to corporate for raising Debt, Equity, Quasi Debt and other structured products. In addition it also offers advisory for IPO, Rights Issues, QIP, M&A, Debt & Equity Placements, Infrastructure Financing, Money Market Operations etc.

      Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Management Buy-out / Buy-ins
  • Buy / Sell side transactions
  • Identification of target, valuation, negotiating & tendering panel offer
  • Framing deal structures
  • Assist in Due Diligence
  • Joint Ventures:
    • Evaluation of potential joint venture partners
    • Assistance in negotiations
    • Capital Structuring & fund raising
Restructuring Advisory
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Generational changes of ownership
  • Review of strategic alternatives
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(1) RR deals with over 5,00,000 individual customers through 400 locations spread in 100 cities and have a field staff of over 10,000 agents.
(2) The company has 200 Corporate, over 1000 HNI’s and 5.00 lakh retails customers and 10000 Agents with a Pan India Presence.
(3) The company deals through 3 distinct Sales Channels i.e. Wealth Management, Retail Direct & Retail Network.

     Product range :
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Tax Saving Schemes
  • Retail Bonds
  • Wealth Management
Mutual Fund Distribution :
(1) RR manages Rs. 2000 cr. Approx. Assets under Management, out of which nearly Rs. 1300 cr. in Equity & Equity Related Products.
(2) RR has one of longest Assets Under Management with an average age of assets in Mutual Funds of 414 days (source : CAMS).
(3) RR has 1.5-2% of market shares in New Fund Offers.
(4) RR has been consistently ranked among top 3 independent retails distributors in the Country.
(5) RR has independent in house research team focused on qualitative analysis on various schemes of Mutual Funds.
(6) RR is moving towards online transactions & building of platform for Fund of Fund Model.

Retail Fixed Income :
(1) RR is Lead Arranger for nearly 200 Companies Manufacturing, Govt. /PSUs and NBFCs.
(2) RR is one of the few National Distributor with focused teams for mobilization in Fixed Deposits and other Retail Fixed Income products.
(3) RR mobilizes Rs 250 Crores of deposits on a Monthly basis.
(4) RR deals with PF Trusts, Institution, Retail Clients through Branches and Associates. RR has been the top Mobilizer and has been involved as Lead Arrangers for GOS / PUS Bonds and State Govt. papers.
(5) RR is the only focused distributor that provides online portfolio even for Fixed Income product along with renewal reminders of FD maturing.
(6) RR has been able to focus on Fixed Incomes as an alternate Asset Class against Bank Deposits with the retail Investors.

Research :
RR Retail is supported by in house research providing unbiased and Independent research with 10 full time Research Analysts.

The Company Provides :
  • Stock Market Fundamental and Technical Analysis Money Market and Debt Market Research
  • Intra days Market Commentary and technical Analysis
  • Mutual Fund Research
  • Company and Industry Research
  • Monthly Magazine ‘Investment Monitor’ which is sold on stands.
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RR Insurance Brokers (RRIB) is promoted by RR Financial Consultants Ltd, a leading financial & Insurance services company headquarters in Delhi.
  • RRIB is a professionally managed company having a competent team of Risk Managers, Engineers and Property and Casualty Insurance Experts.
  • It has grown consistently and successfully during last six years providing complete Risk Management and Insurance solutions to its clients
  • RRIB covers all sectors of the Key Risk Management & Insurance Products i.e., Life, Annuity, Health & Benefit, Property, Casualty and Liabilities
  • Dedicated resources for RMIP ( Risk Management & Insurance Portfolio) Analysis
  • RRIB is a professionally managed company having a competent team of Risk Managers, Engineers and Property and Casualty Insurance Experts.
  • The company has issued over 100 policies per day in 2006 and currently issues over 300 policies per day.
Corporate Services
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Placement Services
  • Claims Management
  • Knowledge Sharing and Capability Building
Portfolio Analysis
  • Thorough examination of existing policies
  • Observations and findings- report on existing policies
  • Identifying the PERILS & HAZARDS involved in the risk vis-à-vis coverage
  • Suitable recommendation on the basis of above GAP Analysis.
  • Key recommendations with draft wordings for amendments Risk Management
  • Site Risk Survey (SRS) – on site physical inspection of Risk
  • Identifying the specific PERILS & HAZARDS of the Plant
  • Approximation of frequency and magnitude of such perils affecting the risk using techniques of Risk Management such as:-
    • PML Analysis
    • Activity Analysis
    • HAZOP Analysis

  • Identifying the Risk Management Strategy mix- absorb/transfer/avoid
  • Implementation of Risk Management Strategy approved by client.
Retail Products
  • Individual Lines
    • Motor Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Travel Insurance
    • Personal Accident Insurance
    • Household Insurance
    • TV Insurance
    • Laptop all risk Insurance
  • Small Entrepreneur Lines
    • Shopkeeper Package Insurance
    • Jewellers Block Insurance
    • Office Package Insurance
    • Baggage Insurance
    • Workmen Compensation Insurance
    • EEI Insurance for Internet shops
    • Restaurants & Nursing Home package Insurance
    • Machinery Breakdown Insurance for engg. Workshops
Safety Audit & Policy Drafting
  • Site Risk Survey (SRS) – on site physical inspection of Risk
  • Rigorous and Comprehensive Insurance Programme Audits
  • Identifying the risks to which our client’s Assets and Liabilities-Balance Sheet is exposed
  • Assessing the potential impact of risks on company’s operations and finances
  • Business Continuity Plan drafting assistance
  • Implementation of Risk Management Strategy approved by client
Business Placement Services
  • Presentation of Client Portfolio to underwriters along with detail Risk Report
  • Discussions with underwriters on terms offered and requirements mismatch
  • Confirming terms required from underwriters
  • Comparative Analysis of Quotes and terms received
  • SLA and Service Agreements draft consent from Underwriters
  • Presentation to Client with recommendations
  • Client, Insurer and Service Provider Meeting
  • Placement of business
Claims Management
  • Claims management starts from the time of issuance of policy
  • It starts with ensuring dedicated surveyor panel is provided to Client at time of issuance of policy
  • Intimation of claims onwards we help client to complete documents
  • Our technical staff is available at time of survey at client location for smooth processing
  • Negotiation of claims as per policy terms and conditions along with client
  • Timely settlement of ON ACCOUNT payments/FINAL settlements are ensured by our claims team.
Knowledge Sharing and Capability Building
  • Educating the client about the Risk Management Process in their premises.
  • Ensuring involvement of Board level executives of client in Risk Management
  • Designing Reporting Formats for insurance requirements e.g., claims reporting, declaration of marine transits/ fire policy stock declarations etc.
  • Helping prepare the claims documents.
  • Developing awareness of claims Process amongst concerned departments of client Organization
  • Designing Insurance Procedural Manual as per Client requirements.
Retail Service Group
Retail Customer – Unique Requirements
  • Help our clients get their endorsements effected on time
  • Help file claims and complete documents for early settlement claims
  • Health Insurance- guiding and helping fulfill requirements relating to health checkup for higher age band customers
  • Provide cash less list and arrange cash less at non-network hospitals in consultation with Insurers
  • Help clients take benefit of free health check ups as per policy terms.
  • Valuation of Jewellery for insurance purposes guidance and help.
Retail Customer – Focus Approach
  • We have more than 35000 happy clients in motor insurance
  • We have provided peace of mind to more than 12000 customers by providing them Health cover
  • We have proven our service and support to our clients in time of claims more than 2000 times during 2008-09
  • We reached to more than 50000 individual buyer of insurance through our team of employees and telecalling support team.
Retail - Claims Support
  • Dedicated telecaller services for guiding claims process
  • Liaison with insurers for timely settlement of claims
  • We have proven our service and support to our clients in times of claims – more than 2000 times during 2008-09
  • Periodic Reporting from Insurer on claims
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Wealth is the result of a recognized opportunity. At RR Wealth Management, we understand this and work with you to plan and manage financial opportunities prudently, which leads to wealth creation.

An exclusive initiative, RR Wealth Management provides you the much-needed thrust required to set another milestone. Not just that RR Wealth desk relieves you of the worry of managing your finances whilst you take care of your other important tasks.

As a diligent and well- experienced wealth management expert; we will collaborate and guide you to realize your objective of wealth protection, creation and growth through our dynamic approach. An approach, which is symbolic of the philosophy of diligence and forward thinking, and strives to be constantly alert to changing market environment with
“eyes and ears open”.

At RR, we believe successful wealth management is a result of right combination of three things:

Proven Process
Right People
Meaningful Deliverables

Understanding your financial goals::
Our Wealth Management Process starts with understanding you – your background, investment objectives, risk tolerance and existing investment style. A Comprehensive Client Profiling exercise helps us in evaluating your risk appetite and understanding your current financial status, which act as a base for building a sound portfolio.

Planning your Investments:
Based on your financial goal, wealth requirements, time horizon and risk tolerance, we construct a suitable asset allocation plan for you. In this exercise, we also quantify your goals and draw out a future cash flow to understand how your money will move during various periods. We evaluate and re balance your existing investments as per the suggested asset allocation, in case required by you.

Constructing a strong portfolio and executing:
Once we make an optimal asset allocation mix, choose the mix of financial products from a wide range of investment avenues and evolve with a tailor-made portfolio as per your plan. Thereafter, it is execution of investments in debt, equity, structured products or alternative asset classes.

Reviewing your Portfolio:
To ensure you are on track we constantly monitor your investments and periodically suggest rebalancing your portfolio for maintaining the asset allocation or aligning your portfolio to changes in macro economic factors that might affect your investments. We also review your investment preferences or financial goals, which may change over a period and accordingly tweak the investment plan to accommodate the changes.

We have access to comprehensive investment products and services designed to meet a wide array of investment objectives. Our 'open architecture' system of selecting products ensures that from the universe of investment products available in the market, the best of products are short listed through research and made available to you. The same is not restricted to any fund house or product type.

Mutual Funds:
We offer you advice on the entire universe of mutual funds. So be it equity funds, where you look for growth and capital appreciation or debt funds for capital preservation, we can help you select the right mix to suit you. Choose from an array of more than 15 fund houses with innumerable schemes.

Fixed Deposits:
Choose from a wide variety of Fixed Deposit offerings from Govt and PSU Companies carrying AAA ratings from CRISIL and ICRA. These fixed deposits are competitive and offer better yields than small saving instruments.

Life Insurance and Retirement Solutions:
With our assistance you can choose a customized plan from various options which gives you protection as well as takes care of your post retirement expenses or any other significant event in your life like Child's Higher Education and Marriage.

Capital Protected Arbitrage Products:
Equity and derivative linked capital protection arbitrage products offer you a flavour of the equity markets with complete capital preservation. These instruments are preferred by individuals looking to lock in funds for 6-12 months with definite monthly returns.

Fixed Income Products:
We offer sovereign guaranteed fixed return instruments, for investment and tax planning. These include RBI bonds, ICICI/IDBI Bonds, NHAI/REC bonds, etc. These represent a good opportunity for low risk, moderate return investments and help in saving your capital gains tax liability accrued out the sale proceeds of investments

General Insurance:
We just don't help you protect your life but also make your everyday living simple. We offer products in the domain of Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Travel Insurance and Motor Insurance. For corporates we have solutions on covering their business risks like Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance and others. So stay protected wherever you are ….

Alternate Asset Products – Real Estate Funds:
RR Wealth Desk broadens your investment avenues. We offer products which complement your exisiting investments e.g. Real Estate Funds. So if you are looking beyond the stock market you will find us there too.

Equity IPOs and IPO Funding:
Investing in IPOs is not complex anymore, just call RR Wealth Desk and it is done. We also provide you with information on IPO News, Forthcoming IPOs as well recommendations on whether to subscribe for an IPO. We also help individuals and corporates to avoid preference of allotment by putting large size application through IPO funding route.

Equity and Commodity Broking:
We bring to you a whole new experience in equity and commodity trading through research driven inputs so as to make the most of the dynamic opportunities prevailing in the markets. You certainly get value for money through competitively priced brokerage charges. To start enjoying the experience we give you a waiver on account opening charges.

Portfolio Management Services:
Investing in direct equities requires time, knowledge and constant monitoring of the market. For those who need an expert to help them manage their investments, RR Portfolio Management Service (PMS) comes as an answer.

Derivative Strategies:
We offer derivative strategies as a product for investors who are averse to taking risks but at same time trade high volumes in futures and options. We use various permutations and combinations to capitalize on opportunities in volatile and uncertain times and at the same time reduce risks.

Forex Trading and Gold ETFs:
We offer currency derivative products and Gold ETFs which is a new asset class for diversification of investments. Currency derivative trading gives opportunities to importers and exporters to hedge their payables and receivables. Gold ETFs can be used for the convenience of investing in physical gold similarly as ordinary shares.

Your Wealth Manager will be more than just one-point contact for all your financial needs. The Wealth manager will be your personal guide in explaining the various opportunities prevailing in the financial market. He will work closely with you in achieving your financial goals and shall put you in touch with our panel of financial experts for specialized solutions. He will liaison within the various RR Group companies on your behalf and shall ensure that you have the expertise at your disposal. In order to maintain seamless and uninterrupted service 24x7 you will have access to a Service Relationship Manager who will complement your Wealth Manager.

Your Wealth Manager is only a part of the larger team, which ensures that your money works harder. Working silently behind the scenes is a team of product experts. These handpicked experts have a wealth of financial experience under their belt and will assist you in your decision-making process.

We are different from other glamorous wealth managers because we strongly believe that finally the service prepositions need to have meaningful deliverables. We preach and practice the concept of “Under Commitment and Over Delivery”.

As an exclusive client of RR Wealth Management, we have put together a host of special conveniences and accesses, so can enjoy your experience even more and feel every bit privileged.

  • Access to a dedicated Wealth Manager who would be one contact point for all your needs
    A well documented financial and investment plan would be given to you which would drawn on the basis of your current financial and future
    cash flow requirements.
  • Real-Time On line Portfolio Tracker - Gives you one consolidated report of the current holding value of all your investments across various asset classes.
  • Monthly/Quarterly Portfolio Reviews by RR Advisory Experts, who would guide you for any actions that need to be taken on your portfolio
  • Fortnightly Portfolio Updates through physical hard copies.
New Product Launch Updates to capitalize on opportunities as and when they come:
  • Daily Market Reports across various asset classes equity, debt, agri-commodity, gold and currency
  • Event Specific Reports
  • Stock and Sector Specific Reports
  • Access to MF Online Transaction Platform, which makes mutual fund investing seamless.
  • Investment Monitor – A monthly market based publication by RR Research team.
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  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • Depository
  • Forex
  • Interest Rate Futures